19 Jul 2018


Whether small or large, you can enter your business into a wide variety of awards – there is often an extensive list to choose from, from local awards to industry-based events, not to mention the vast number of categories available.

Here’s the tricky bit: what award should you enter? It is important to assess the relevance of each award and category that you are considering as it is far too easy to try and mould your business into somewhere that it doesn’t quite fit. However, if you find that your business matches a wide range of award criteria, then you have every reason to utilise the opportunities available to you – what have you got to lose?

Entering your business for an award brings an array of benefits and is great recognition for your brand. If you are unsuccessful, you can at least monitor the competition to see what you need to focus on to improve. Here we’ve summed up some top reasons why you should be putting your business up for an award.

  1. Brand recognition

Even by simply entering an award, you automatically spread the word about your business and the services it provides. If you then go on to be shortlisted, you benefit from your brand name being splashed across a range of literature, posters, websites and social media platforms.

With awards ceremonies usually welcoming hundreds of people, the shortlisted businesses will be visible across a wide audience, creating greater brand awareness.

You can also maximise your PR exposure by shouting about your award success via many media sources. This can present fresh opportunities with new clients who had not heard of your brand before your success.

  1. Credibility

As soon as a potential customer becomes aware that your business is award winning, they will begin to view you in a new light. It reinforces a business’ reliability, professionalism and credibility within its marketplace as it is direct proof that an authoritative force has selected your business above others meaning you have something to offer that others don’t.

You can use your win as a sales pitch to capture the attention of potential customers as it sets you apart from the rest.

  1. Motivated workforce

If you win an award, it automatically signals that your employees are doing an exceptional job and reflects their commitment and efforts. As they recognise this, it will boost their morale and desire to keep up the hard work.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Winning an award is no easy task as application processes can be challenging and competitive. While completing answers, it can force the company to assess the company’s strategies and approach to future growth, positively impacting their perspective on how the business should be managed.

To win, it is important to set your business apart from competition. This can be achieved through your growth, innovation, community commitments, employee benefits, diversity, customer service and strategic planning. Sometimes you are judged on the form you have filled in, other award entrants are subject to intense audits.

This is one of the most important benefits when entering an award as it can bring about improvements in itself.

  1. Bring in the best

Award-winning companies always attract attention and not just from potential customers. If your business is proven to be a leader in its trade, then it is sure to see specialists and highly motivated new recruits flocking through its doors.

Investing in hungry, talented, like-minded individuals ensures future growth and a motivated workforce.


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